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Our Services:

We realize that pricing is still the most important factor for Chinese tourists at this time and we have shaped our services to suit cost conscious travelers. Yet at the same time, we are well aware that these same travelers are increasingly eager to see, learn and explore new things. Our itineraries are therefore designed to be memorable and offer a first-rate experience.The following points outline the best we have to offer the Chinese traveling public.

Letters of Invitation: Headquartered in Washington, DC, we enjoy the advantages of being close to heart of the national government. Proximity to the United States Congress and other institutions provides easy access to political, agricultural, educational organizations and numerous businesses, enabling us to set up meetings for visiting governmental and business groups as well as obtain letters of invitation more easily.


Events Information: With an office and bi-lingual staff in Beijing, Washington DC¡¯s sister city, ManacaChina is readily available to meet and interact with our Chinese clients. Being an American company, ManacaChina is in the best possible position to keep its Chinese business partners informed of upcoming conventions, conferences and special events of interest to professional groups and government agencies.


Visa Assistance: ManacaChina offers full visa assistance to its clients, including group applications. The nearby U.S. Embassy provides American businesses with an ¡°open-door¡± afternoon three times a week, where local representatives can discuss visa issues and other travel related concern with embassy staff.

As owners of a travel agency that is part of the American Express Representative Network, we consistently conform to higher standards of customer service and superior products.

ManacaChina can take advantage of the Manaca/UFX purchase volume with major commercial airlines and its special relationship with United Airlines to negotiate more attractive prices on domestic airfares.

Because informed and experienced travelers are more demanding, it is imperative that travel operators be familiar enough with the United States to offer new and innovative itineraries, alternative destinations and an informed choice of supporting program activities as well as a more comfortable selection of accommodations.


Partner Pool: We work with carefully selected partners providing an extensive pool of buses, mini-vans and drivers, as well as professional freelance interpreters. Using professional transportation providers ensures good maintenance, up-to-date security features and maximum availability. Working with a large pool of freelance professional interpreters means we are not caught short during periods of increased demand and that the people we use are experienced and well-prepared.



Food: Each of our tours is sensitive to cultural differences in life¡¯s most basic essentials such as communication and food. Although it¡¯s always interesting to try new foods, travel is tiring, we know. The familiar tastes and smells of home-style cuisine provide a welcome break and ManacaChina has invested a great deal of time and effort in seeking quality Chinese regional specialty restaurants in each of our destination cities.


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