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About Us:

Though ManacaChina opened its doors in May of 2005, it benefits from the expense, time and energy Manaca™ has invested over many years. A great deal has gone into developing its product and establishing executive-level relationships with the strategic resellers. Manaca™ enjoys a strong alliance with United with United Fairfax Travel / American Express and the resulting cross-promotion of tours and trips is proving beneficial to all collaborating companies.

Manaca™ is now looking beyond the well-trodden, standard paths we know so well, casting an eye on the single most important travel market of the future ¨C China.


Our mission:

ManacaChina of Beijing is in the business of moving Chinese travelers from the People¡¯s Republic of China to the United States to complement Manaca™¡¯s travel services to India and South America. As Mexico has just been granted ATD status by Beijing, we are developing a selection of US/Mexico itineraries as well.We are happy to announce that exciting new plans for India and Europe (Germany/Italy/Austria in particular) are also being considered seriously, with partners already in place.

Over the years, ManacaChina¡¯s sister company has concentrated its efforts on building a network of hospitality industry partners, ranging from tour operators to hotel and lodge owners to airline owners and operators. To supplement ManacaChina¡¯s services, we have identified nationwide partners, hotel chains, bus companies and Chinese speaking guides to assist and service our US tours. ManacaChina will position itself as a reputable partner and tour operator to its Chinese counterparts.


Our Goals:

ManacaChina was created to address the new Chinese traveler to the United States. This is, by-and-large, a less experienced traveler familiar with few United States destinations. Up to now, they have been reluctant to explore new cities other than the standard fare of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and New York City.

Recently however, we have been witnessing an interesting change! Business travelers are now planning return trips with their families, students are seeking out alternate destinations, and wealthier travelers are looking for an upgraded experience in new areas. This increase in activity is expected to snowball as the Chinese public becomes more affluent and more aware of the vast opportunities presented by travel in the United States. The markets for Miami, San Diego and New Orleans have been all but ignored by local agents who suddenly realize their clientele is becoming educated ¨C the desire for new travel products and itineraries is starting to intensify and ManacaChina is eager to provide a comprehensive service to all these destinations.


Understanding Your Needs:

Our aim for the Chinese first-time visitors to the US is to provide a safe and exciting American experience, while being extremely sensitive to cultural differences in life¡¯s most basic essentials such as food and communication. We are taking altruism to the human sector, incorporating appreciation of cultural differences into every phase of group tour planning and execution.

Aware that price is still the most important factor for Chinese tourists at this time, we have shaped our services to suit cost conscious tourists eager to see, learn and explore. However inexpensive these trips may be, they must be designed to be memorable and offer a first-rate experience!


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